Gussnachbearbeitung einschließlich Wärmebehandlung und Oberflächenveredelung

Our foundry offers you the following services

The Keßler & CO GmbH is your partner in special alloys or wearing parts, we always take care on the quality of your products. To our past products you find a number of examples under the column references. Win an impression over our universal equipment and procedures or just join us on a tour of our foundry bay.


  • Cast parts in the weight range of up to 750 kilogram of any low-and highly-alloyed iron and steel
  • Research und development – process of special-purpose alloys
  • Prototype development for the automotive industry and other industries
  • Heat and acid resistant steel casting for chemical industry, pump industry and valves and fittings industry
  • Advisory service for construction and material
  • Cast post-treatment including heat treatment und surface finishing
  • Quality management according to EN DIN ISO 9001:2008 including chemical analysis, hardness measurement, crack detection, grit texture determination and x-ray examination (in cooperation)
  • Vocational training for foundry and industrial mechanics and office administrators
  • Traditional cast
Stahlguss Sachsen

Thanks to many years of experience in the field of foundries, our company offers you a wide range of services.

Other services we provide for you

  • Heat- and acid resistant steel casting
  • Special-purpose alloys
  • Development of prototypes
  • Tradition cast
  • Cast parts up to 750 kilogram
  • Advisory service for construction and material
  • Cast post-treatment
  • Quality management
  • Vocational training

You can be certain that our highly-qualified staff will do all they can to support you in all questions of casting.

Traditionsguss in Leipzig

Universally applicable technologies

Medium-frequency furnace Medium-frequency furnace
Crane casting ladle Crane casting ladle