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Address: Gerhard-Ellrodt-Straße 24
04249 Leipzig

Phone: 0341/415 29-0
Fax: 0341/415 29-12
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DE 172439667
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HRB 10481 (Amtsgericht Leipzig)
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Upper engineer Richard Siedler
Economic engineer graduate Jörg Siedler
0341/415 29-13
0341/415 29-13
Sale: Engineer graduate Klaus Bartsch 0341/415 29-16
Production: Engineer graduate S. Hartwig 0341/415 29-25
Training: K. Kirsten 0341/415 29-44
Job preparation:
Engineer graduate Matthias Radtke 0341/415 29-15

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secretary's office
Gerhard-Ellrodt-Straße 24
04249 Leipzig
0 341 - 41 52 90
0 341 - 41 52 912

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